sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hi guys!
 This is my blog for the subject Audiovisuales, here I will tell my life, like a diary!
 Let me introduce myself: my name is Ana and I  from Albacete, Spain. I study first high school in Bachiller Sabuco school and I would like in a future study law in Albacete.
 I love going out with my friends, going to the party, shopping and playing mainly to play call of duty, I also love movies, I see many movies!
 The music that I like is Maldita Nerea, David Guetta, electronic music, house and more!
 My best friends are Delfi, Marina and Elena, I love a lot, although they can sometimes become a bit heavy ..
 Well this is the beginning of my blog, I will tell you many things and I hope you follow me!

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